Editable Select control

Hi. Is there a way to use editable select such as below ?


Hi @Ikbum_Kim,

Thanks for the question. May I ask a bit more about the usage context? It might help me understand the problem you want to solve. Have you seen our autocomplete demo here?

Let me know your thoughts!


Hello Zoli.
My goal is add new data or edit existing datasource on select.
I checked autocomplete control but it looks did not provide editing.

Hi @Ikbum_Kim,

Thanks for the response! This sounds like an interesting use case. The autocomplete demo uses the filter capabilities of the select. You can however write your own filtering function that would help adding new items. As for the editing part, can you share some more details? Why would you want to edit the select options? What would you use this select for?


Hi Zoli.
It’s comprehensive control of the in windows application or web control.
I believe almost 3rd party combobox control provides editing option.

Autocomplete just shows data along user typed text only.

Please refer linked sample control please.

Hi @Ikbum_Kim,

Thanks for the sample link. You are right about the autocomplete, it just shows data that is already defined.
The Mobiscroll select control can be customized to a high degree. Even though editing the data is not built into it, you might still be able to make use of the select with a little bit of customization. It depends on what you are looking for. Do you have a particular use case to solve?


Hi Zoli!
Also looking for the possibility to build typeahead/autocomplete functionality with mobiscroll controls.
How can select be customized to allow such behavior? The main goal is to have an input but at the same time to have a suggestion list (from service/db) for that input that would make input faster and/or avoid duplicates.

Thank you!