Dragging event in timeline does not scroll parent

I understand that if the timeline eventplanner component is height constrained then scrolling works, as in the demos. However, I have a situation where the parent div is the one with the overflow and the mobi timeline eventplanner expands to whatever height it needs to be. Problem is, when I drag an event, it does not scroll the parent.

To see what I mean, go to the demos here (https://demo.mobiscroll.com/react/timeline/month-view#) and remove the 750px height from div id = demo617-month-view and replace it with 100%, then try to drag.

Is there any workaround for this? Thank you.

Hello @jwl :wave:

I’m not sure that I understand your problem/ requirement.
So, can you share a screen video and more context about this issue?

@Zsombor see the following loom, thanks.


Thanks for sharing @jwl.

Yes, that’s the default behavior, because if you set the height to 100% the whole timeline view will be shown. And in this way the scrollbar is disabled.