Does your Numpad have international phone input options?

Hi, I found this demo on your site:

it’s very good and I’m looking for something similar, I just wanted to see if it’s possible to change the country code too, to be able to choose between different countries.

Is that possible?

Hi @Promotora_de_Terreno :wave:

Yes, that’s possible basically, you can create a country dropdown from which the users can select their country or something, and then based on the selected country you can create the template of the Numpad with the help of the template setting, the formatValue and parseValue functions you can ensure the phone number is shown in the correct format.

As it’s shown in this example.

Sounds good, but I see that the Numpad is not currently under maintenance, since I don’t see it upgrading to the latest version of Mobiscroll.
is it right?

Hello @Promotora_de_Terreno :wave:

Not entirely, we are gradually moving things over and adding new functionality to v5 at the same time. It is easily possible that some functionality will be not moved over however.

That being said we’ll continue to support v4 so that people using components from both sets have an option.