Does eventorder work with timeline Eventcalendar?

I have a function const eventOrderByCallback = (event1: MbscCalendarEvent, event2: MbscCalendarEvent): number defined for my eventcalendar to handle the order but it seems that it is not being called from the timeline version of eventcalendar… Is this true? If so, why? If not, is there another prop that potentially disables it?


Hello @jwl :wave:

At the moment, custom ordering of events is only possible for the Event Calendar, this feature is not supported with the Timeline and Schedule views.

While it is not supported, I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it.


Ok - yes please provide feedback, thanks. I don’t think the documentation makes it all that clear that eventorder prop is ignored in timeline but perhaps I missed a note about it.

Thank you.