Displaying a particular date/time range Eventcalendar timeline day-view

Hello! I have a use case in which I’d like to display an Eventcalendar timeline (type: day) between two specific moments in time, for example 18:00 on Friday until 03:30 on Sunday. Is this supported without also displaying the rest of Friday (00:00-18:00) and the rest of Sunday (03:30-23:59)?

The min and max parameters are set correctly. I’ve been able to use invalid to block the hours, but they still show up and take up ~half the timeline’s width, which is unfortunate. I can’t really use startTime+endTime in the view either, as they seem inverted. Hiding the columns using CSS makes time calculations go funny (no surprise there).

Hello @Peter_Beverloo :wave:

Can you share more information about the use case where this custom view would be used?

Hi @Zsombor, many thanks for the quick response! Of course!

I’m envisioning this as a scheduling tool for an event that has activities on Friday evening, then activities all day Saturday, with a hard stop at 03:30am on (technically) Sunday. This is the crux: the Friday starts at 18:00, where the Saturday ends at 03:30am, not at midnight. There will be 50–60 resources in the timeline.

Current result (fictional names, but otherwise fully functional implementation):

(I need to split posts because I can only share one screenshot, sorry.)

Ideal result (with a bit of Photoshop magic):

You can see what a difference this would make to the timeline’s information density: in the current result there are 34 more hourly columns than in the ideal result, which only has 38 columns in total.

Thanks for the details @Peter_Beverloo :wink:

I have a few more follow-up questions:

  1. is this a specific view that will always show these 34 hours on weekends (from Friday to Sunday)?
  2. what is the scheduling tool used for?
  3. what are the activities representing?
  4. are there any special requirements for handling events from this range?

Absolutely, no problem at all :slight_smile:

1 - This is one real world example, another view I’d love to enable is a “single day” view, which in my case would display 08:00–04:00.

2 - Scheduling ~700 hours of shifts to ~50 individuals over the course of an event, generally two or three days. This asks for a very high level of information density that I’ve found the timeline tool to (almost) be a perfect match for, bar the extra hours.

3 - Shifts, i.e. tasks. There are ~25 types, and the external drag and drop feature is a perfect fit for that too.

4 - No hard or technical requirements. There are some soft requirements such as “only attends introduction on Friday or Saturday, not both”, but there are many ways of addressing that.

I appreciate that this is somewhat abstract. I’d be happy to share concrete details with you if that’d be helpful, but would prefer to do so in a private forum.

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@Peter_Beverloo Thanks for the answers!

Yup, I would be grateful if you could share more concrete details, you can do that through our integrated chat (this is integrated on our page’s bottom right corner) or you can send us support tickets from your Account–>My Support Tickets.