Display # of events on top of each time interval?


I’d like to display the # of events scheduled per hour on the timeline. Is it possible to customize the Time cell? (I know there’s an option to have a custom renderDay but didn’t see one for renderTime)

for example


Hi @kelly,

We do not have such option at the moment, however, I’m happy to add your voice to the feature request.

Hi @gabi - thanks for getting back to me. Adding it to a feature request would be great. Thanks!

Hi @kelly :wave:

Happy to let you know that we are introducing Mobiscroll 5.26 where we added the renderHour / renderHourFooter and hourTemplate / hourFooterTemplate options for custom time content rendering in the timeline header and footer.

The timeline receives a number of new templating capabilities that enables the customization of the header and footer for hour, day, week, month and year columns. By using steps that are below the hour, it is possible customize sub-hour header and footers as well.

Feel free to test the new features with this live example: https://demo.mobiscroll.com/timeline/hour-day-week-month-year-header-footer-template#.