Display Numpad by button click

Is it possible to have the Numpad appear not only by clicking in the input field, but also by clicking on a button, or calling it some other way and have it function as though they clicked in the field?

This is the scenario:
A user is filling out a form. The Numpad entry is near the top, and if they forget to do it for some reason, when they click another option lower in the form that relies on that Numpad entry. Instead of throwing an error and having them go back up, I display the Numpad in that moment and the value gets populated up top?


It was actually easier than I thought. I just did this and it

var inst = $(’#mbpAmount’).mobiscroll(‘getInst’);

My input field shows the Numpad when clicked, and I call this to have it displayed elswhere:
inst .show(); // Call the show method