Display events as overlapping on week schedule view?

The primary view that I usually use the event calendar for is the schedule view, and I’ve noticed something that I find very frustrating. When there are many events occurring at the same time, there are only two options: either they squeeze all in right next to each other, or they can be hidden behind a button that opens a popup. However, I don’t like either of these options. Showing all of the events (even just 4 or 5) makes them virtually unreadable, and using a popup makes it harder to access the events.

The way that Google Calendar - and FullCalendar (shhh) - do it is much more usable and looks a lot better. The events intelligently overlap so that they aren’t squeezed as much horizontally, and are more visible.

Google Calendar


This would be a great feature to have - I really don’t want to switch away from Mobiscroll but this is a killer feature.

Hello Yaakov,

Displaying overlapping events by intelligent stacking is not supported for now but there were others asking for the same functionality.
We have a feature request created for this topic and I’m happy to add your voice to it.

Will keep you updated on the progress.