Display 2 calendars vertically


On my mobile app, I have created a range calendar, with some of the settings:

	mobiscroll.settings = {
		theme: "windows"
		,lang: "en-UK"
		,setOnDayTap: true
		,showLabel: false
		,min: "today"
		,yearChange: false
		,showOuterDays: false
		,display: "bottom"
		,layout: "liquid"
		,months: 1
		,cssClass: "calmobile"
		,calendarScroll: "vertical"

My issue is I want to display 2 months, but not horizontally, but instead one on top of the other, so 2 calendars display and can vertical scroll through. How do I achieve that?

Hello @Seyi_Awofadeju :wave:

Good question :wink:
Currently the multiple month display is only available in horizontal scroll mode.
You can see a demo for that here, but this is not supported in vertical scroll at the moment.
I would be more than happy to pass this on to the product team and add your voice to it.
Feel free to share additional information that helps me describe the use-case in detail.