Disabled days is not working

Hello, im trying to disabled the previous day of the start date, once the user click it on the start date.
This is my code:


My ts code

            this.options = {
            onSetDate: this.onSetCalendarAbTest,

         private onSetCalendarAbTest = (event, inst) => {
                 this.min = this.value[0];
                inst.settings.min = this.value[0]; //  Wed Feb 09 2022
                // its the array with
                inst.settings.defaultValue =  [this.value[0], null]  // [ Wed Feb 09 2022, null]




But i can´t disabled the dates…


Debugging the library i see this

But i don´t know how to change that currFirstDay property from Feb 1 to Feb 9

Hey @Hector_di_payaso

May I ask what are you using the this.min for? Did you try to bind the min option inline via attribute binding? Like this:

<mbsc-range [min]="min" [options]="options"></mbsc-range>

And then in your component:

min = null;
options = {
  onSetDate: this.onSetCalendarAbTest,

onSetCalendarAbTest = () => {
  this.min = this.value[0];
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Ohh i didn´t know that i can send the min value as input parameter!
Great it help me a lot!!