Day View goes back to the 1st day of the month

Hi. I’m having an issue. If i change day view to week view, it works as intended. The same applies to week to month view changes. However, if i go back to day view from month view, the calendar displays the first day of the month as a starting point rather than the current day. Changing from week to day also makes the calendar display the first day of the week. I noticed the refdate is always correct, the firstDay is the one that is causing these changes, i believe. I cant find a way to set it properly so that it works like i intend it to.
I’m changing the views this way. Thanks in advance

Hi @Francisco_Barreira

It sounds like you want the event calendar to always start the week or month view on the current date when switching views… Is that right? Could you share more code, especially how you handle view changes in convertView and how you initialize the event calendar?

Hi. @Lehel
Yes I want week and month views to start from the beginning of the week/month but still to use the current date as the reference so that when i switch from month to day it shows the current week. The convertView method is there to change a property according to the view, it doesnt actually do anything to the view.
As far as the calendar initialization, here´s what I´m doing.

Hi @Lehel. I´m still struggling with this. Is there a solution for this issue?

Hi @Francisco_Barreira,

I’m still unable to locate the issue with the code you provided. Could you please share more context and the section where you call the setOptions function to set the views? Additionally, we have a demo where these changes work as specified. You can look there to see how this was solved.

hi @Lehel. could you tell me which demo that is? maybe i can work it out that way. Thanks

Hi @Francisco_Barreira
sorry, the demo link was left out: JQuery Scheduler Switching views Example | Mobiscroll