Day number font color in calendar view?

New to this lib… Using 4.10.6 what would be the correct/best way to make certain day numbers (national holidays) in calendar month/week view appear in red color? Just the numbers themselves, not background etc.

What I mean is that 10 should be in red just like 16 as 10th was the Easter Monday and therefore national holiday. I have the dates available as an array, just not sure how to apply them to the calendar…


Ended up putting markNationalHolidays(document); into onPageLoaded as:

function markNationalHolidays(dom) {
    let holidays = ...

    holidays.forEach(holiday => {
        [...dom.querySelectorAll(`div[data-full="${holiday}"]`)].forEach(div => div.classList.add('mbsc-cal-day0'));

No idea if it’s the proper way but seems to work for now.