Datepicker - range: Cannot empty or accept an incomplete range

Currently when we use a range the component “requires the user” to enter a complete range: You can not delete the range, you can not leave an open range, without end date, …
Maybe I’m confused and there is some way to do it, but for now the only thing I can do is “do not use ranges”.
Why is this behavior considered correct generically, is there any way to skip it?


Hi there,

This is the default behaviour, unless the picker has no buttons.

Yes, that’s how I have it now, without range labels; but I don’t understand the difference in behavior… Is an incomplete range “considered correct” if we don’t show the labels but “considered wrong” if we show them?

Thanks for replying gabi.

This is a valid question indeed, we have to investigate it a bit deeper.
Meanwhile, could you please share your use case so we can recommend an alternative solution?