Datepicker performance issue

Hi I am having performance issue with mbsc-datepicker.
Normally it works great however, when I use multiple datepickers in 1 page with min value, it has performance issue.
Any solution for this?

---- code

public datepickerOption: MbscDatepickerOptions = {
controls: [‘calendar’],
// min: moment(),

Hi there,

We are not aware of any performance problems within the datepicker component. Can you please share some more details about your usage, like:

  1. How many datepickers are initialized on the page?

  2. All of the datepickers use the same options as you shared? Can you please share the template part of the initilization code as well?

If you could share a working example or a live link where I could examine this problem that would help me even better to track down this issue.