Datepicker - calendar - buttons

Hi, I need to add a delete button in a calendar and I CAN’T GET IT. Neither with the demos, nor with the existing documentation, nor with the research in the forums I have been able to do it, I don’t have much knowledge of CSS, maybe that’s why?
I just want to know how I can add a button with a Font Awesome icon and another with a “specific icon” svg.

This could be an example: (cssClass, icon)

var options = {
        controls: ['calendar','time'],
        dateFormat: 'D-MM-YYYY',
        timeFormat: 'H:mm:ss',
        stepMinute: 5,
        stepSecond: 30,
        buttons: [
            text: 'OK',
            cssClass: 'xxxxx',
            handler: 'set',
            keyCode: 'enter'
            icon: 'close',
            handler: cleanClick,
            keyCode: 'cancel'

I use the latest version for Js.


Hi there,

You can use any icon from the default icon set or add any specific icon from our icon set with the download builder.

Hi Gabi, thanks for replying.
Neither of the two methods you mention works for me.
For example, in my first message…
icon: ‘close’,
handler: cleanClick,
keyCode: ‘cancel’

Does not show the ‘close’ icon.
What should I do to be able to assign the “Camera” icon to it as it says in the documentation example? (

Hi there,

Sorry about that, looks like our docs needs to be updated, since not all the listed icons are included in the default set. We will fix that ASAP.
So what you need to do is click on the + Add New Icon Set button on the download page, search for the specific icons, add them to your icons set and select this icon set before downloading your package. After the download, you have to replace the css folder with the downloaded one and your icons should be working.

Let me know how it goes!