Datepicker and scheduler with timezone - first event shows day prior with 4PM or 5PM regardless of event actual time

This is my first time using the datepicker, so i’m not sure if i set something up wrong, but here is what i have.

I am using the scheduler calendar object (with the datepicker for popup windows), and when i add luxon timezone to both the Scheduler and the Datepicker, the datepicker seems to show an incorrect date/time the first time a popup is displayed. This only occurs once per reload of the page and only on the first time a popup is shown. After this first popup, the datepicker acts normally and shows correct values.

The value shown seems to show up as 4PM or 5PM of the previous date. Even if the event is a range, the datepicker shows only a single value (not a range).

See here, the popup is showing incorrect values for the event I chose.

To recreate.

  1. use the example code here to get the scheduler and datepicker

  2. Add luxon timezone to both the scheduler and datepicker (all code changes from the example code are highlighted in yellow.

  3. Load the page and click one of the existing events on the calendar (look int the code to know where the events are). The popup will show incorrect values. If you close the popup, and click the event again, everything will be correct. It is ONLY that first popup that shows incorrect values.

  4. Reload page, and the first event you click (either an existing event, or if you drag to create a new event) the popup will show incorrect values. When it is displaying the event with incorrect date/time, if you click the “save”/“add” button in that popup, it will save the event with that displayed (incorrect) value.

Note: I did try adding “luxonTimezone.version = 3;” just to see if that changed/helped as it seemed to help something else for an older version, but it did not fix or change the outcomes of the activities above.

Hi there,

Thanks for the detailed description. :+1:

I’ve checked this and it looks like this is a bug on our end. The datepicker component is not setting the right initial values when timezone plugins are used. I’ve added this thread to the bug report so you’ll be notified when there will be updates about this issue.

Hello @disco :wave:

We fixed this in our latest release. Let me know how it goes :+1: