Date Range Selection & Invalid Days

Is there a way to prevent a date range selection from crossing invalid days?
I have the 19th set as invalid but when i select the range across if from the 15th to the 20th it allows that range. Is there a way to stop the selection range at the 18th?



Hi @Daniel_Toffling!

Currently this is not supported out of the box. The invalid dates are not allowed for start or end dates only. What you could do is to implement a custom logic in the onDayChange event, which gets called when a date is tapped on the calendar. Returning false from this event prevents date selection. Here’s the basic idea using jquery:

    onDayChange: function (day, inst) {
         if ( == 'end') { // End date was selected
              var dates = inst.getVal(true);
              // Check with custom logic if the range dates[0] -> is valid
              // If not, return false, to prevent end date selection

Let us know if that helps!