Custom Theming with MobiScroll


Question: What is the current state of custom theming in your controls?

I’ve used your controls and they are fairly great. However, I am in dire need of consistent custom theming for your controls. Essentially, I’ve overridden the onMarkupReady event to completely customize the visual of the control because the out of the box theming isn’t good.

I have no prroblem with overriding the markup, but each new update breaks the overrides and they no longer work with the latest version. So, in order to upgrade, I have to re-code the custom overrides, because you have code like this:


Targeting dom elements with specific dependency on the css classes, these classes are often changed and again break on update. !

Here is a picture of a custom themed control:


That’s a pretty nice looking calendar. So you’re saying the class names change from release to release? I have a lot of overrides as well but I’ve never had this issue with mine. The classes I override don’t change identifiers. Why would they change the classes between releases? Just curious on this.

Yes, not every build but the css classes have changed which renders the work useless in later builds, and it’s actually quite a bit of work to override everything.

Hello @Kyle_Watson :wave:

Mobiscroll has multiple solutions for Customizing the Look and Feel, here you can find the documentation for those options: Customizing the Look and Feel of Mobiscroll for various frameworks.
So basically if you just need to customize the colors I can recommend to use those solutions :wink:
It’s much easier to use and a better solution in long term.