Custom snapping for events?


is it possible to set custom snapping rules for events? As you can see in my screenshot, we have two events. “Session 207029” ends at 16:15 o’clock. All events snap to each 15 minutes. If I drag the right edge of that session, I can only set it to 16:22 by opening the popup, which is fine but not ideal. Best would be a way to set custom snap points that equal the start and end of other events, not depending on an events resource.


Hi @CMS_Hasche_Sigle :wave:

Sure, you can override the event snap time with the dragTimeStep option.


Sadly not a solution. At the time of “onEventDragStart”, when this would have to be calculated in our case, dragTimeStep seemingly can not be changed.


            onEventDragStart: function (event, inst) {
                    dragTimeStep: 30

does not work

That’s right, the dragTimeStep can’t be specified on event bases. But wouldn’t solve your requirement if you set it for all events? - or am I understanding something incorrectly?

But wouldn’t solve your requirement if you set it for all events?

No. Imagine we have 3 resources. Resource A has an event that starts at 4:17 and ends at 5:37. Resource B has an event that starts at 8:05 and ends at 9:07.

If I drag any event in Resource C, the events (starts and stops) in Resource C should be able to snap to any 15 minute mark and to 4:17, 5:37, 8:05 and 9:07. Basically an array of possible snapping points.

I created a workaround that, on Event Drag Stop, checks if start or end are within 5 minutes of any other events starts or ends and sets them to those other values, but I’m not sure how reliable and error-safe that is.