Custom date header template in timeline week

I’m using event calendar with this view settings:

timeline: {
      type: 'week',
      size: 52,
      resolution: 'week',
      weekNumbers: true

I want to customize the date template showing year and week number. I’ve tried to use dayTemplate option, but it’s not working and calendar render the standard header with start - end of the week.
Is it possible to customize that template or at least add an option to show week number or year?

thank you,

Hi @Manuel_Costalunga_Co,

The dayTemplate renders the mbsc-timeline-day element, which contains the days. You can check it by switching to daily resolution. There’s no template for customizing the week header at the moment, however you can change the text of the months by using the monthNamesShort option.

I can’t use monthNamesShort, because i need a different header for each week.

I need something similar to that, with also a row for the year number above the week header cell.
Are you planning to implement a template also for the week timeline resolution header?

thank you in advance,

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Hi @Manuel_Costalunga_Co,

Thank you for sharing!
We do not have a template for the week view header at the moment, but I just created a feature request and added your voice to it.

I quote the request of Manuel_Costalunga_Co, we’re interested on this feature too.