Creating an editable event calendar with an agenda


I am trying to create an event calendar with an agenda. However when an agenda is added, the calendar stops responding to click/drag to create and therefore new events cannot be added. My current workaround is to display two separate components, one with the calendar and one with the agenda.

However, this then displays the calendar as squares rather than the round ‘bubbles’ that would normally be displayed when an agenda is added. I have a read only calendar + agenda displayed elsewhere in the app and in the interest of consistency would prefer them to have the same styling.

Is there a way to either manually set the style to display as these round bubbles or to force the calendar to still be editable when an agenda is attached?

Many thanks

Hi Matthew,

The click to create only works if the calendar has labels. If you would like to create events on click with an agenda view, you can use the onCellClick or onCellDoubleClick events to add the new event manually.