Create border around event

Hi, I tried to create a border around my event.
I used data.cssClass property to add customized class automatically to the event’s container but id didn’t work for some reason.
Then I managed to add a class to the event template by reading of class value from original like

    <ng-template #myEventTemplate let-data>
        <div class="my-start {{data.original.cssClass}}">{{data.title}}</div>

but it made a border around the label only

I need a border around whole green area. I tried to override CSS class mbsc-schedule-event in component.css file but it is ignoring in the browser.

Please advise what I do wrong


Support for cssClass inside the event data has been added in version 5.20.0.
Are you using an earlier version perhaps?

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Thank you for your answer. Yes I’m using an earlier version