Configuring the temperature picker


I am trying to set the min/max for the temperature picker. I got it to work using the code below, but want to make sure I am doing this correctly. Is there a better way?

		units: ['f'],
		step: '.1',
		responsive: {
			small: {
				display: 'bottom'
			medium: {
				display: 'bubble'
			large: {
				display: 'bubble'
		onBeforeShow: function (event, inst) {

			inst.settings.wheels[0][1].max = 104;
			inst.settings.wheels[0][1].min = 96;
			if (!inst.getVal()){

Hi @Brook_Davies :wave:

Of course, you’re doing it right. For more information about temperature and min/max options, see the docs link below: