[compareWith] for working with objects in mbsc-select?

Hi, I’ve a select picker in a popup which is populated via an array. When opening the popup I want to show the previous selected entry as a preselect with the [defaultSelection].

<mbsc-select [(ngModel)]="audit.responsible" [data]="company.users?.auditors" [defaultSelection]="audit.responsible">

The “company.users.auditors”-data is structured this way:
{ text: 'name', value: {name:'...', email:'...'} }
(I want to pass an object)

The problem is now, that if I save my selection, close the popup and reopen the popup to edit my data it is always the first entry of company.users.auditors preselected. In angular/ionic the [compareWith] gets the work with the objects done. Is there a way to deal with objects and the mbsc-select ?

The MbscSelect uses object identity to compare values, so you will need the same object in the data and in the selected value. Does your data array change between opening and closing the popup?

“valueEquality” is not helpful? ( just saw in source codes )

Hi guys, any update on this one?