Changing calendar max property dynamically

Currently, i’m binding the calendar max property to an component variable like this
<ion-input mbsc-calendar [max]="endDateString"></ion-input>

And the endDateString is set by another mbsc-calendar dynamically. This seems not working. Should i explicitly call instance.settings.max?

Hi Chen,

Currently dynamic binding is only supported for a few options. In the case of the calendar these are the invalid, labels, colors, and marked.
We do have plans for supporting more, like min, and max, and also to generalize it to all of the settings.
Meanwhile you will need to use the option method of the instance to update the max setting:

<ion-input mbsc-calendar [max]="endDateString" #calendar="mobiscroll"></ion-input>
calendar: any;


  max: newMax

Let me know if this works for you!