Change iOS Select height

Hi, I use the last current version, 4.8.4 , ios theme , ionic 4 framwork.

i try to change the select height but its stuck on 187px.
even if i changed everything to be height: 100%; the 3d animation is 187px…

can i change it to match it’s container’s height and not leave a blank spaces as the attached image?
and keep the ios theme and animation…



Hi Adir,

At the moment we don’t have a specific full height option for that.
While it is not supported at the moment, you are welcome to share some more details about your use case so I can create a feature request and add your voice to it.

I have an inline custom select in my app, but it need to be responsive to match all the phones resolutions…

now there is a way to set a static different height than 187px so i can play with it? or any other workaround i can do?


for example, the android theme can be adjust to another height

You can use the height option, which represents one item’s height in pixels. You could calculate the item’s height based on the window size.
Here is the documentation for the height setting: