Can't print calendar

Our license has ‘print calendar’ included, and I checked also the ‘print Add-on’ while downloading the package, but I can’t import the print, I get an error in the following line:

import { print } from ‘@mobiscroll/print’;
//Cannot find module ‘@mobiscroll/print’ or its corresponding type declarations

What could be the reason?

Hi @Sarkis_Karougian :wave:

Here you can find all the necessary steps for installing and importing the print module:

“In this case you will need make sure you checked the print module before downloading the package from the download page. After installing your downloaded package, the Print Module will be available for import.”

I did a new download (print was checked), and then I followed the steps as usual to configure mobiscroll, but Print module is not available for import!

How can I check my download package whether the print module is included?

Hello @Sarkis_Karougian :wave:

In case it was downloaded with the download builder, the Print Module needs to be imported from the generated package. :point_down:

import { print } from ‘@mobiscroll/angular’;