Cannot read property 'parent' of undefined error

I wanted to use “Gesture enabled listview” component in more flexible environment althoguth I am using angularjs project now. because I saw the document that, " Use it anywhere where Javascript runs" but there were conflict with ng-repeat. it shows error message that “cannot read property ‘parent’ of undefined” when I use this Gesture javascript version with ng-repeat (ionic1 angularjs loop).

I would like to change component version from javascript version to ionic1 angularjs version. I saw that I can return it in 30days. how should I do?

I need to pay again for ionic1 angularjs version and try to return for javascript version? or is there anyway that you change it directly?

Hi @hyeongrae_jo :wave:

Thanks for the question :wink:

I’ve forwarded this and someone will take care of you in a moment.
Let me know if there is anything else.