Cannot read property 'extend' of undefined

Hi there.

We recently downloaded Calendar as component with ES6 modules.
In the AppModule we imported MbscCalendarModule.

Adding the Calendar to the AppComponent results in this error when opening the frontend (built with AOT):
Cannot read property ‘extend’ of undefined (in core.js near line 72)

Frontend will not load after this JS error.

No error on ng build itself. No error in frontend if we serve frontend (without AOT).

Thanks for your help.

Cheers Benjamin

I solved the problem by using Production files (you can choose at download) in the project.
I wasnt aware that Development files are not only not optimized but rather not compatible with production builds.

Hi @Benjamin_Rau !

Despite all of my efforts, I could not reproduce this error. While working with the production files is a lot easier (mainly because of the CLI), using the development package should also work. If you could provide a package.json file to see the versions you used, it might help me figure out what went wrong in the first place!