Can You Get Mobiscroll Recurring Events with RRULE Syntax

If I call mobiscrollInstance.getEvents(), Mobiscroll returns the current calendar/scheduler events. Recurring events include the properties “recurring”, “recurringException” and “recurringExceptionRule”. The values for the “recurring” and “recurringExceptionRule” are given as JSON objects, e.g.
recurring: {
repeat: ‘daily’,
count: 5,
interval: 2

Does Mobiscroll include functionality to return the events with recurring and recurringException values expressed as RRULE strings rather than JSON objects? If not, does Mobiscroll include any translation methods to convert recurring and recurringException JSON values to RRULE strings? This would be very helpful for my server-side persistence and use of Mobiscroll recurring events.

Hi @Andrew1,

We don’t have any converter currently between the JSON object and the RRULE format, but the getEvents() method returns the events the same way they were specified. If you specified the recurring rule as an RRULE string, then the getEvents will return the RRULE string and not the JSON object.