Can I use the numpad as a calculator?

I attach a video about what you want:

The user experience improvements I’m looking for is being able to use the Numpad as a calculator.

If I don’t know the total count, I wish to be able to add the amounts and when I set it, get the total value.

If I open the amount again, I wish to can add or subtract another amount from the initial amount.

All this to save me touches and to be able to carry out operations faster.


Hi @IngAjVillalon,

As far as the full calculator goes, the numpad can’t be used as such. But with a few compromises you could use it for the case you mentioned. So, for example all the numpad keys are required to enter a decimal value smoothly, but you could use the buttons API to add custom buttons instead of the set/cancel, like an “add” or “subtract”. Also showing the whole equation won’t work out of the box, so you would need extra markup added to the numpad. That you can do in the onMarkupReady event, and then update it on each key press. You could use the onInput event for key presses. Let me know if that helps, or if you have any questions!


I understand I will explore the options…
Thanks for your reply.
Good vibes for everyone!

Can I buy customization with you to make this special feature for mobiscroll?

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The Numpad as calculator would be great!
I was interested in buying Mobiscroll for its Numpad, but I realized it was not a good idea. It does not seem that the Mobiscroll team is a team that cares about the needs of their customers.
And this proves it, good that it saves me money and time avoiding buying Mobiscroll.

Hi @Fruteria_Chachos :wave:

If you are interested in using our Numpad component as a Calculator, you can find Zoli’s answer: - of how you can build your own calculator with the help of our Numpad component.

Please note, that Mobiscroll provides UI components that help you achieve your requirements. This means that we don’t implement custom components/ examples for order at the moment, however, you have the options for achieving this with Mobiscroll.

Also, if you are searching for developers who can help you implement such a component, our Forum is the best place for this. We have a separate category for this kind of requirement: - where you can hire developers for this project.