Can I download a Adobe PSD or Adobe XD file of the Mobiscroll grid?


Does anyone know if there is a file I can download the mobiscroll responsive grid in either Adobe XD or Photoshop?

I’m a designer and I want to start using the mobiscroll framework w/my developers but it would be helpful to have a grid file to start with that’s accurate.



Hi @Kreatism_Design :wave:

We don’t have such a specific file :grinning:

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There are no guides for the grid system available at the moment, however you can mostly get away with the Boostrap grid system resources. You’ll probabaly find a bunch googling around.

A difference that you should be aware is that the gutters between columns are 32px for Mobiscroll instead of the 30px in Bootstrap. It comes from the 16px -> [ content ] <- 16px content padding.

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This is super helpful - thank you so much for your quick reply! :smiley:

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Thanks for your quick reply! :slight_smile: