Calendar's count property and custom labels together

Hi, I am trying to add a labelTemplate for my calendar to display custom labels, but I also want to turn on the event count in the calendar. I am using Angular ionic.
Calendar settings:

view: {
calendar: {
labels: ‘all’,
count: true,


    *ngIf="calendarCards?.length else showState"

 <ng-template #label let-data>
     <div class="custom-label">
     <ion-text>first line
       <br />
       Second line</ion-text>

My question is are these mutual exclusive? When the “count=true”, then my custom label is not visible. Also when I turn the “count=false”, then my labelTemplate becomes visible for the events.

Alternatively, is it possible to customize the label that shows the count of the events? I would like to add one more line to the label to display an extra information.