Calendar year view, items per row issue

Hello, I faced some issues with year view of calendar picker.
So my goal is to display maximum 3 or 4 months per row, but, since library automatically grouping several months into containers on bigger resolutions, I can’t fix this by using css only, is there a way to rewrite that logic and set max calendar-row width / calendar-grid width / items per row?
What I got (2 containers with 6 or more items):

What I need (3 containers with 4 months):

Hello @Internal_Development,

To meet this requirement, you can manage the maximum width by wrapping the Datepicker component in a contaner div. Here’s a straightforward example:

<div className="mbsc-col-8">
    <Datepicker display="inline" calendarType="year"/>

This will work, thanks.
How I didn’t think about that, probably tried to resize wrong container…
But I can’t understand how to solve another issue with lower resolutions…
As you can see there is still room for 3 calendars, but there are only 2 of them per row, I’ve set calendar max-width to 276px with css, is there a way to fix that? Or am I doing something wrong?

Hello @Internal_Development,

I looked into the problem. Currently, we don’t support making the calendars narrower in the year view.
Therefore, you can’t resolve the issue if you set a max-width. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s fine, thanks a lot for your answers