Calendar with AST timezone

I’m pretty confused with the calendar documentation. I have a Calendar with ISO 8601 dates.

In my view, everything looks good, but when a user in AST tries to use the calendar, everything looks wrong. The dates start/end are not displaying correctly.

I want the calendar to read the dates only for the AST timezone, so I tried with this:

dataTimezone: 'America/Puerto_Rico',
displayTimezone: 'America/Puerto_Rico'

Then the start/end looks good, but the events on Friday are missing. Everything is showing up less Fridays.

What is exactly the way to pass the AST timezone?

Hi @yusaney :wave:

Could you share some more information on this?

1 - In what timezone are you storing the events? Please send an example event data, so I can see how it looks like.

2 - Are you passing a timezone plugin as well? Are you using moment or luxon?