Calendar Popover programmatically close

Hi, i’m struggling to close an custom popover, which is a list of hidden list of events (when there are more than 4). I’m using renderEvent method to render my popover but i can’t find a way to hide it after, in events like hoverIn or external click.

Mobiscroll version 5.18.0 and using it with javascript

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

Can you please share some details about your implementation like:

  1. Are you using the Popup component for the custom popover?

  2. Can you please share some code examples on how are you displaying and trying to close the popover? Do you used one of our demos as base for you implementation?

Hi, i resolved removing property popover and using only property label: true
What i wanted was to remove popover on hover on other day :slight_smile:

mobiscroll.eventcalendar(’#my-calendar’, {
view: {
labels: true,
type: ‘month’,
//removed this popver: true,

thank you