Calendar not rendering

I was testing the mobiscroll event calendar using the demo version of the scripts / css with my Laravel app, and it worked very well. I was using the exact code you use in the demo on the demo site. However, after purchasing a license and downloading the javascript package (with all components included), I can’t get the calendar to render. The only thing I changed was the linked script and css are pointing to the licensed version of the scripts rather than the trial version:

var inst = mobiscroll.eventcalendar('#eventcalendar', {
    theme: 'material',
    themeVariant: 'light',
    clickToCreate: true,
    dragToCreate: true,
    dragToMove: true,
    dragToResize: true,
    view: {
        schedule: { type: 'week' }
    onEventClick: function (event, inst) {
            message: event.event.title

In the dev tools on the browser I don’t see any errors-- but the eventcalendar div is empty, where with the trial script it would show the calendar markup code injected as expected.

Any ideas what to do to debug this?

Hello @Tim_Kramer :wave:

Based on your code, which you shared, you are trying to use the v5 of Event Calendar, but as I see from your download logs, you downloaded the v4.10.8.
So, this should be the problem.

The solution would be to download the v5 of Event Calendar from our Download Builder.