Building RRULE strings from UI


I was hoping there was some built in functionality for building RRULE syntax strings. I’ve gone over the examples on recurring events but they don’t include this.

In the demos documentation there is a recurrence RRULE builder that seems to do it in the docs page, however there is no example code on this particular topic even though it’s shown on the page:

Is there any additional info or a sample on how to build RRULE strings from such UI? I can try and deconstruct it myself from scratch but would have been nice to include in the samples since someone clearly built one for this doc page.

Hello @MichaelBrown :wave:

Sure, here you can find a working example, which contains the RRULE builder:

Hi Hunor,

I’ve reviewed the react and javascript code in that sample and it doesn’t contain any RRULE builder, only uses the json object recurring format. Am I missing something? Is the sample incorrect?

Just to show you what I mean, the react sample uses the following for getCustomRule():

What I’m looking for is a builder for RRULE syntax specifically but I can’t find it referenced in any of the samples:

// RRULE String
recurring: 'FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1'

I ended up building my own RRULE string builder for my app.

I suspect the code sample mentioned above (rules builder demo) is actually missing from the demo as there is no source displayed for that topic.

Hi @MichaelBrown,

That’s correct, we are working with JS objects in the Recurring event editor demo.
We do not have a built in functionality for building RRULE strings, we have used custom implementation in the Recurrence rules demo as well, however that demo code it not downloadable.

Happy to hear you managed to create your own solution.

Is there any plan to release the Live Rule Editor code? I purchased the complete package to get to see the code and use the editor in my code.

Would you mind sharing what you created for your RRule builder code? I like the way the Live Rule Editor works.