Attempting to style centered item while scrolling

I’ve tried a few methods but am feeling a bit stuck. There is no event sent out when the scrolling is happening, and the mouse down on the scroller doesn’t fire.

Any ideas for how I could scroll the current “selected” entry before actual selection? I did find that if I look for DOM changes I can style the nth item in the list, but this has issues on some browsers.

On fixing the multiple browser issue, I’m finding that the node insert and removal is in consistant going up and down. So fixed one problem but now theres another.

I tried adding a delay to validation, but it could still happen too soon if the scroller goes too far.

Hi @Andrew_long

Can you help me understand the context a bit more?
Knowing more about the context I can put you into the right direction.
Also, can you share the framework you are using Mobiscroll with?