Apply user horizontal resizing on resources

On this demo: Angular and Ionic Timeline Resource grid Example | Mobiscroll

Has anyone or is it possible to make the resource(s) column resizable by the users?

Hello @Rami_Nassar :wave:

Can you share more information about the use case/ context? - why would you like to allow the users to resize the resource column? And more exactly what do you mean by resizing?

Hi Zsombor,

I do have a timeline view with multiple resource columns (same as the demo I highlighted above). what I mean by resizing is the ability of the user to increase or decrease the width of those columns (horizontally column resize) ex. Room, capacity, and price.

Is that clear?

Thanks for sharing!

We don’t have a built-in solution for resizing horizontally the resources. However, an alternative solution would be to implement a click action with which the resources expand and then you can show those details there.

Isn’t there a certain div css class for columns (both header and content because I noted they are seperate) I can use to apply this.

The resource column has a fixed width that can be set with CSS.

But at the moment it’s not achievable as you want.