Any Icon Name List

Is there any list showing icon shapes and their name?

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Sure, here on the documentation page:

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How/where to add icons_mobiscroll.ttf and icons_mobiscroll.woff files (for AngularJS) in an ionic v1 app to be able to use the icons?
I only get the basic icons regardless of what icons sets I add to the mobiscroll package I build.

This is the component I want to have a search icon on (see data-icon=“search”:

<div class="box box-info" style="margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto;width:800px">
<div mobiscroll-form="formSettings" class="md-schedule mbsc-cloak">
	<input type="text" placeholder="Search" data-icon="search" data-icon-align="right" />

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As I see the problem is that you use the Mobiscroll Lite version.
In that version only the default icon pack is included which does not include the search icon.
So there are two solutions:

I. Use the material-search icon - this is included in the default icon pack.
II. Or you can use any other external icons, but you have to resolve the icon loading by yourself. More information here: (Use external icons in Mobiscroll components - section)