Angular Build Error

After hitting ‘ng build --prod’, it gives me an error such as this…

ERROR in node_modules/@mobiscroll/angular/dist/mobiscroll.angular.min.d.ts.MbscSlider.html(7,17): Property ‘initialValue’ is protected and only accessible within class ‘MbscValueBase’ and its subclasses.

Can anyone confirm this is related to license renewal? or a conflict with angular version I am using?

Current version of Angular: 8.X.XX
Tried mobiscroll version: 4.6.0 and 4.7.3

Hello @Amihan_Global :wave:

In Mobiscroll 4.8.0 version we fixed this problem which caused the AOT builds to fail in Angular 8.
Also, you can see everything that we introduced in 4.8.0 here: Release notes and release history for Mobiscroll.