Angular 9 build issues

Hi, I’m currently upgrading an angular application to v9 and we have mobiscroll/angular 4.9.1

When compiling with Ivy enabled, it complains that is missing
ERROR in The target entry-point “@mobiscroll/angular” has missing dependencies:
- …/src/js/i18n/fr
- …/src/js/i18n/pt-BR
- …/src/js/themes/mobiscroll-dark
- …/src/js/themes/material
- …/src/js/themes/material-dark
- …/src/js/themes/auto-theme

Without Ivy, it compiles fine, but the range component no longer works, nor the date picker.
It doesn’t throw any errors, it just doesn’t work :frowning:

Does anyone can assist me?

Hi @Fernando_Minoru_Baba :wave:

Angular 9 is supported from Mobiscroll version 4.10.
You can find more information here: Release notes and release history for Mobiscroll.