All day row in timeline view

Dear Support ,
How Could I have a all day row , also in time line view ?

Hi @Sara :wave:

At the moment we don’t have a specific option or setting for showing an all day row in the Timeline view.

However, can you share more information about the use case? - I’m curious of why would you like to show an all day row and if you have any screenshots or mockups of what you need, feel free to share.

Hi again, actually some times user wants to define an event not related to any of the resources , and this row would be helpful. and also for highlighting some specific time periods.

Sounds like a use-case for “General”/“No parent” or “Special” resource. All day events are handled the same way as non all-day events in the timeline view, so the concept of an “all day section” is not fitting here.

“General”/“No parent” or “Special” resource

So , How can I implement what you said !

Hi Sara,

Actually “General” would be a resource that is placed at the top. You have control over the resources array and “General” would be the first one.

One thing that might be handy in your case is making it sticky, however that is not possible at the moment.