Add 8th Column to full calendar for week totals

I am truly loving the features of Mobiscroll during my evaluation time but there is a feature that I have to have in order to use the calendar on my project. I need the ability to add an 8th column to the full calendar view in order to summarize the week’s activities. The cells for this new column can simply be populated with any data the developer chooses. This feature can also be used in many types of applications - An athletic training calendar where weekly totals of activities can be displayed (e.g., total weight lifted, total distance run, total minutes walking, etc.) or a timecard display for each week (e.g., total normal hours worked, total flex time taken, total vacation time taken, and so on…) There are absolutely many ways this feature can be used in production. So, (1) is it possible for Mobiscroll to do this now (probably not as I’ve been in communication using the chat feature and it doesn’t seem to have this feature), (2) as it is probably not a current feature, can I code this into the calendar - and if so, would someone have an example? (3) If this feature can be added to Mobiscroll, how long should I expect to wait? (4) my last option is to ask if I can commission someone to create this feature for me.

Here is a mockup image of what I mean:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer and a big thank you to Mobiscroll for such an awesome product.

(update: after posting this I saw a response from Szili where he suggested I create an panel that would be located next to the calendar that I could display my totals. This would work for me by my worry is how to keep the height of the cells in this panel matched to the calendar? If this is possible then this would work for me - however, I think if Mobiscroll had this added feature it would be amazing)

Hi @Mike :wave:

As Szili mentioned in the other thread the solution would be the following :point_down: - I’m posting here as well in case anyone else is interested in it

In the custom side panel you’ll have to imitate the layout of the calendar in order to achieve the similar outcome.

Here are some further ideas which might help you:

  1. The side panel and the calendar should have a parent container which controls the height(and if it’s the case the width as well). This way both the calendar and the panel will have the same height. Here you can find a demo where there is a side panel displayed next to the calendar.

  2. Inside the panel container create a column layout and add a fixed header part which will be the exact height as the calendar header + day names, and split the remaining space equally between the containers( where the weekly summaries will be) and this should align these container to the calendar day cells.(This will only work correctly with the default behavior of the calendar where the every cells have the same height).