Recurring date and time event

I’m trying to see if I can set up, a time for an appointment, but for it to be recurring.
eg. I set an appointment for 12pm Monday to Friday.

I see you can use ‘w6’ to have it recur every Sunday, but:

  1. How would I set the time?
  2. What if I wanted w0-w4?

Hi @Roy :wave:

Good question :wink:

At the moment this kind of recurring events with time it’s only possible with Mobiscroll 5.

And you can solve your requirement with RRULE format, explained here: Responsive event calendar documentation for various frameworks | Mobiscroll.

Also here you can find a demo with Recurring events:

Hi @Roy :grinning:

Following up real quick:

I forgot to mention, your requirement can be solved also with Mobiscroll 4, but you will need to use Rrule.js. Think like that: you could use Rrule.js inside the calendar’s onPageLoading event to generate events for the month and pass it to Event Calendar.
Or you can create a separate event in each occurrence manually.

I know, it’s a bit complicated, but the good news is as I mentioned earlier: with V5 it can be solved easier.

Thanks for your reply.
Does V5 let you update a single occurrence without affecting the others?
If not your last suggestion may be the better idea

Hi Roy,

Mobiscroll v5 has more advanced recurring event support than v4, however, since the calendar does not have built in event update support, the update has to be implemented separateley.

The recurrence rules currently do not support exceptions, so, if you’d like to edit a single occurrence only, you will need to split up the original recurring event in 2 recurring events (one before the exception event, and one after the exception event), and create a new event for the occurrence you need to edit.

The other option would be what @Zsombor mentioned: do not use Mobiscroll’s built in recurrence, use an external library for that, like rrule.js - this can return the occurrences as separate events for a given period, which you can pass to the Mobiscroll calendar. This method would work with both v4 and v5.