How to make numpad behave like standard decimal input

The default behaviour for the number pad allows the user to achieve a basic decimal value (like 7.5 for example) but it’s awkward because it doesn’t allow the user to type in the decimal at all and it requires the user to type 750 in order to achieve 7.5.

I found this example: which achieves what I’m looking for but that seems like an awful lot of code just to make it behave like a normal decimal keypad. Do I really need all of that code, or is there an easier way to achieve what I’m looking for?

Hi @Vincent_Wansink :wave:

At the moment the Variable Fraction demo is the only solution if you want to use decimal input.

Hi Zsombor,
And how to use plus/minus sign with these example

Hi @Daniel_Diez_Menendez :wave:

Your question was answered here: NumPad: How to use plus/minus sign with Variable Fraction demo?.